1. I fell into grass and cried. A blade of grass sloped down and asked:

    Why are you crying?

    People treated me wrong. They destroyed all the work I’ve been doing for them, - I answered.

    People trample me underfoot every day. I pick myself up again and keep on growing – said the blade of grass.

    I swept my tears away and got back to work.

    Translation by Inga Pizane

    Illustration by Viktorija Semjonova

  2. The yellow (fairy) tale by Imants Ziedonis

    The sun was shining over the world like an egg yolk. And there was a life in it. Little light yellow chicks were coming to the earth through the sunbeams. Later chicks will be in different colours but at the beginning all of them are yellow. The bee was yellow too with a yellow bee hive. The bee invited the chick into the bee hive but the chick didn’t get into it.

    „That’s alright” the chick thought. „There are yellow butterflies flying around and they are just like me, I will fly with them.” The chick jumped trying to fly… but remembered it didn’t have proper wings… just two little yellow stumps on the sides.

    „That’s fine too” the chick decided. „I will be a hen one day and then I will fly high, very high.” The chick crawled into mother’s yellow lap and fell asleep.

    But the sun was shining in the sky like a yellow pancake with crispy edges.

    Bees were flying around like small plasticine balls from one yellow dandelion to another and then returned to their yellow bee hive. The beehive looked like a big yellow library. Bee hive frames were like enormous shelves up to ceiling – all full of cells. But the cells looked like small six-sided TV sets with yellow honey instead of screens.

    There were yellow meadows all around with yellow anemones, cowslips and a lot of dandelions. All of the hills were shining yellow. It seemed that the sun was lying at the top of the hill all covered in yellow dandelions. The meadow was shining so bright I couldn’t resist falling into the yellow flowers… So I was all covered with yellow dust.

    Then a yellow cow came up and thinking I was a yellow dandelion ate me. So I can’t write anymore.

    Translation by Inga Pizane

    Illustrations by Viktorija Semjonova

  3. From the dim and distant past there was a grey stone lying on the wayside. Passers-by paid no attention to it.
    And the stone got used to loneliness. One day all of a sudden a yellow butterfly flew down and even started a conversation:
    Listen, stone, what are you doing here? Who? Me? I am being happy. Happy for what? Look, how white is the cloud above the birch-tree and how blue is the sky.
    That cloud is grey! Sky is grey! Everything is grey! After saying that butterfly flew away fluttering and thinking that the only thing the stone can be happy about is seeing such a beautiful butterfly
    But the quiet life of the grey stone was ruined. The stone was thinking a lot and could not figure out: is it better to be grey and see colourful world around or be colourful and see everything grey.

    “A stone on the wayside” by Mirdza Klava

    Translation by Inga Pizane

    Illustrations by Viktorija Semjonova

  4. A water drop fell on the table accidentally and got terribly frightened to be swept away. What to do? Run away? The water drop knew it didn’t have feet and didn’t have home to run to…
    The drop begged the milk jug for help. I don’t know, said the milk jug with a cunning smile on its face. Ask the stove flame for help!
    No one feels sorry for you, said the hot burning piece of wood inside the stove. Just go and hide in a dish cloth!
    And that’s what really happened. By a miracle the water drop became friends with the dish cloth and still thinks it has found its place.

    "A happening with a water drop" by Mirdza Klava

    Translation by Inga Pizane

    Illustrations by Viktorija Semjonova

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